Monday, March 31, 2014

Decorating Paralysis

Guys. I need HELP.

Major help.

We've lived in our house for almost a year now so I decided that it has high time we started to make it our own. I decided to start in the master bedroom and go from there. I created this vision in my head and thought it would be a snap to create.

oh how wrong I was.

It took me probably 2 weeks, hours of research, and 7 paint samples before I finally chose a paint color. I had the perfect bedding all picked out and it arrived two days before we painted. I was so excited to put it all together and figured once it was in place, everything else would be easy.

Again, WRONG.

Now that we've painted and the bedding is in it's rightful home, I can't do anything! I have ideas of what I want and I find something that I love, yet I don't buy it. I don't know how to take the image in my head and make it a reality in my room.

Walls are blue. Bedding is gray and white. I want pops of yellow. Hours on Pinterest have not helped my cause either.

I need a lovely decorating friend to help me ASAP.

Or any advice would also be appreciate. This room is stressing me out.

Why couldn't I be artistically gifted?

 photo emilygsig_zps11144ed0.png


  1. Any pictures of you two can have yellow picture frames. Or make yellow curtains on your bedroom window.

  2. a couple yellow throw pillows. or a yellow mirror. I like megan's idea of the picture frames. It might be cute if you did all other frames in that room like, in a black or white, and then only have pictures of you two in yellow frames. :)

  3. silver lamp with yellow shade, yellow pillows, yellow and gray pictures