Friday, July 18, 2014

Griffin Family Update #1

Hello bloggy friends! Obviously I've been MIA for a while but lets be honest, I'm not the best at blogging in the first place.

Oh well.

Due to my (unnoticed) absence, I figured that I'd give everyone a little update on the Griffin clan.


The mister has been working hard as a front end supervisor at Lin's. He's currently up for a raise and fingers crossed that he gets it! He is very deserving of it with all the hard work and extra tasks that he has been taking on. At the moment, Derek is still in the process of deciding if he wants to return to Dixie for the Fall semester. He does seem pretty excited about the prospect of being the main bread-winner while I work my way through school though. I guess we'll see what he decides come the beginning of August.


I recently started a new job at Wal-Mart. It's been exciting to learn new things and I'm a lot less stressed now. It's been a good change so far. Plus I'm making some actual friends finally which is a major bonus. I just finished up my summer semester classes. I seemed to fair pretty well. I should end up with an A in one class, and a B in the other. Feeling pretty proud of those grades at the moment. I'm registered for all but one class for the Fall semester. I have to take a math placement test before I can register for my last class but it's math. I HATE math so I've been putting off taking the test. However if I can get into the math class, I'll have my associate degree come December.
The Pups:

Charlie and Molly are as adorable as ever. Molly has gained the new nick-name "Paulsy" which is weird but she responds to it. Charlie has started to calm down a little but he is still playful and loving. We also saved a little chihuahua during a Sunday drive in Arizona. We brought her home and began the search for her family. We posted all over Facebook hoping to get the word out. Meanwhile, all of us, including the pups, fell in love with that little girl. We named her Lucy and decided to make her a permanent Griffin if we couldn't find her family. Unfortunately, Lucy got out of our yard Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Wednesday afternoon her family in Arizona contacted us and we had to give them the sad news that we lost their little girl AGAIN. We took to Facebook again trying to find her but to no avail. Little Lucy is gone. I hope someone took her in and will give her all the love she needs.
General News:

We took our 3rd trip to Disney World in May. It's seriously one of my favorite vacations ever and maybe I'll write up a post about it one day. In June we got to go to Pleasant Grove to visit family and friends. It was so lovely and much needed. We get to go again in August to see Derek's dad get sealed to his wife. We are very excited about that trip. Also in August, Derek and I will start Foster Care classes. This will be our first step toward becoming a family of 3 and we are hoping all goes well.

Those are the updates for now. We are so happy and more in love than ever. We're looking forward to what the next few months will bring our way!

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