Sunday, October 9, 2011

Welcome to our life and lists!

Well hello everyone! As ya'll can tell, this here blog is about our lovely little life together. To get our blog started, and give everyone a chance to get to know us, we are going to be doing 30 days of lists inspired by this blog here. We're going to post a list every day for 30 days and hope you don't get sick of them :) So first goes....


Derek says:
1. I have a fun-loving personality
2. I love spending time with my wife!!!!!
3. I consider myself a good cook
4. I want a career as a movie composer
5. I LOVE animals
6. I'm very excited to be a father someday
7. The fact we can be together forever makes me the happiest man on earth!!!!!!!

Emily says:
1.I can generally be found on pinterest or with my nose in my kindle
2. I'd rather be with my husband anywhere, anytime
3. I want to be a world-traveler
4. I think I should have been alive in the 50's
5. I know lyrics to the most random songs, especially oldies
6. Family and friends are super important to me
7.  If I had to do math for a living, I'd be dirt poor
8. I love the gospel
9. I tend to make this face A LOT

Alright, well there's our first list and our first blog post. Hope you enjoyed and we'll be back tomorrow with our next list :)


  1. You guys are awesome! PS I'm like 110% sure I'm going to steal this idea :-) Thanks for the link of list ideas

  2. I love your blog!!!!! I also like the list idea, but maybe I'll wait until I'm not planning a wedding to do it...haha. You two are so fun together!