Thursday, February 27, 2014

100 Happy Days

Do you recall the last time you were "in-the-moment" happy? So many of our days are filled with mundane, every day tasks. We're too busy thinking about our TO-DO lists for the day or what big thing has to be done tomorrow that we often forget to in the now.

I am guilty of doing just that.

I don't often take time to stop and smell the roses as they say. I'm a full-time college student working 30 hours a week all while trying to maintain the house and continue to build up my marriage.

Occasionally I'm so focused on on school work or sleeping that even my marriage falls to the wayside sometimes.

What kind of life is that?

I don't want to continue being so caught up in the busy-ness of life that I miss the the little things. The things that make a bad day better. The things that make a good day great. I want to focus on the happy.


I saw a link to this page on Facebook and thought I'd check in out. The challenge? It's simply really.

For 100 days, you take a picture of something that made you happy. Doesn't have to be big or over-the-top, it actually shouldn't be. They don't want you to be bragging. This isn't a challenge that you do to win. This is something you do for yourself. To see the happiness and beauty in your busy, every day lives.

I'm so excited to do this challenge for myself. I'm looking forward to focusing more on the happy. I'll be taking my pictures on instagram as well as posting them to Facebook. If anyone cares to follow along, you can click on the links on the side.

If you want to start the challenge yourself, click on the link above and get going!

Focus on the happy lovelys.

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Friday, February 7, 2014

A Love Poem and Thank You Shout Out

On our wedding day, we received many wonderful gifts and I am very thankful for all of them. One simple, sweet gift we got included a poem. This poem has been displayed in our home ever since and is a good reminder for our marriage.

If you learn the art of compromise,
The craft of give and take
And keep in mind your partner,
In the choices that you make.

If you can just remember, 
It's the little things that add,
More pleasure to the good days
And comfort to the bad.

If your partner is your best friend,
Your pal, your mate, your buddy,
Who sticks with you through all your moods,
The good, the bad, "the nutty".

If a hugs your favorite thing to wear,
A kiss, your midnight treat.
And if you think a cuddle
Is the perfect source of heat.

If your favorite choice of music,
Is the other person's laughter...
Then clearly, you two know the way
To Happily Ever After.

I love this poem and it is always a sweet reminder of our love and how we wanted to live in our marriage. So since Valentine's Day is in a week,  I just wanted to share the love with everyone, especially my hubby!

Also, special THANK YOU shout out to my friend Ashley! She designed the new look for my blog and put up with my random emails when I couldn't figure out exactly what I wanted. She did an amazing job and I absolutely love it!. You can follow her here

Happy Love week everyone!
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