Friday, February 22, 2013

Growing Up

We're slowly, officially becoming adults. It's a slightly terrifying fact but a true one non the less. Some BIG changes our coming our way soon. Hopefully all of them are great ones. Once everything falls into place, you will all be updated.

We also bought a couch. Our second "adult" purchase. The first one was our T.V. Owning our own stuff is AWESOME! Now we just need some place to call our own and put it all.

Friday, February 1, 2013

As Of Late

As of late, we have been doing a whole lot of NOTHING. Winter is not my favorite season. It's cold, gray, and everyone either has a cold, is getting over a cold, and is coming down with a cold. COLD. COLD. COLD.

A few highlights from the month of January:
Celebrated our 2 year anniversary. Marriage is AWESOME.
Went to Washington again. Love Seattle. The Space Needle may be my new BFF. Trina cooked me lots of BACON. And GELATO is to die for.
We had our first Harry Potter marathon of the year. That happens about every 3 months in our house. TRADITION!
I'm back to working one job. WORD.

A few low lights from the month of January:
SINUS. INFECTION. It won't go away.
Only working one job. LESS MONEY. Boo
Having to leave Washington. I cried.
Almost running out of fruit snacks. TRAGIC

We're pretty boring here in the Griffin household. We enjoy curling up in bed with our puppy and Netflix. Monk is on all the time and occasionally Toddlers and Tiaras when I can convince Derek to watch it. We've been enjoying more time together being stupid, laughing our heads off, having heart-to-heart talks and finishing it all up with our new addiction, Dr. Pepper. Okay, MY new addiction but still.

Wonder what February will bring?