Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Things We're looking forward to.

We're looking forward to quite a bit and we're excited to share those things with you!

Things We're Looking Forward To

Derek says:

1. Our 1 year anniversary and vacation to DISNEY WORLD!!!
2. Raising a family with Emily
3. A life full of laughter and good memories
4. When we finally buy our first house
5. When I have a career
6. Our first Christmas as a married couple
7. Being a daddy

Emily says:
1. An eternity together
2. Disney world
3. Being a mommy one day
4. Getting fit and healthy
5. Owning our own home
6. Going back to school
7. Taking vacations all over the world
8. Getting out of debt

I'm sure there are lots more things we are looking forward to at the moment but we can't think of any more right now. That's what happens from being tired after work :( Well tomorrow is "Today's Playlist." You can expect more music from me than from him :) See ya then!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Things We're Good At...or so we think

Everyone is good at something right? Well we're going to tell you what we THINK we're good at :)

Derek says:
I'm a good singer
Good baker (thanks Dad)
I'm good at flushing the toilet after use, and putting the seat down!
I'm sportacular (good at sports, Emily's word not mine)
I'm a good husband to my wife
Good at being organized but I'm usually lazy
I'm good with anything that has to do with music
Great at giving massages

Emily says:
I'm pro at procrastinating
I'm AWESOME at making people laugh
I'm good at listening to others
I'm great at remembering things
Good at bustin' a move in random places
I'm good pretending I know what I'm doing
I'm good at puzzles of any kind
I'm good at writing....just maybe not lists
I'm good at playing the drums shockingly enough

Well there are some things we are good at. This list was kinda hard! It's difficult to think of things you are good at cause you don't want to sound like you are bragging or anything, you know? So I don't know what tomorrow's list is because I need to look at my list of lists (haha) but you'll all find out tomorrow!

Dorks out!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Welcome to our life and lists!

Well hello everyone! As ya'll can tell, this here blog is about our lovely little life together. To get our blog started, and give everyone a chance to get to know us, we are going to be doing 30 days of lists inspired by this blog here. We're going to post a list every day for 30 days and hope you don't get sick of them :) So first list...here goes....


Derek says:
1. I have a fun-loving personality
2. I love spending time with my wife!!!!!
3. I consider myself a good cook
4. I want a career as a movie composer
5. I LOVE animals
6. I'm very excited to be a father someday
7. The fact we can be together forever makes me the happiest man on earth!!!!!!!

Emily says:
1.I can generally be found on pinterest or with my nose in my kindle
2. I'd rather be with my husband anywhere, anytime
3. I want to be a world-traveler
4. I think I should have been alive in the 50's
5. I know lyrics to the most random songs, especially oldies
6. Family and friends are super important to me
7.  If I had to do math for a living, I'd be dirt poor
8. I love the gospel
9. I tend to make this face A LOT

Alright, well there's our first list and our first blog post. Hope you enjoyed and we'll be back tomorrow with our next list :)