Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We're Gonna Make This Place Our Home

Whelp, we did it. We are now homeowners. At the tender ages of 24 and 22, we have officially bought our first home.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are for this. This little place is all ours. Our own space to do with what we please. For this being our first house though, it was relatively an easy process for us. We hit one snag through the whole thing and even fixing that was a breeze.

We are so lucky to have worked with the people that we did and we are beyond thankful for their help through everything. Shout out to Josh at Wells Fargo in Lindon, and Walter from Fidelity Real estate in St. George. We couldn't have done it without them. Also a huge major shout out to my parents for their support through this whole thing. We couldn't have done it without them either.

We have lots of plans for this little place. So many things to take it from a house to a home. We move down there May 16th and can't wait for this adventure to begin.





  1. First off, congratulations! Seriously, that is so exciting, and even more so because it's in the greatest city in Utah!

    Second, I want to see it!

    Third, I'm curious, (since Shane and I want to move to St. George in the next few years,) how did you guys go about finding the right realtor, and like, do you have jobs set up or do you plan to find them once you're there? We're so clueless and nervous about relocating one day, but know for sure we want to do it. Is it scary?

  2. Candice! I wish I could get this video on here. I'm so annoyed that it won't load! I guess you guys will just have to come and visit :) As far as finding our realtor, I just did a google search and then read reviews on people. Most didn't have reviews or didn't have very good ones. When we found Walter, all 4 of the reviews on him were really positive and he seemed really nice from what I saw on his website so we contacted him and the rest is history! With our jobs, thankfully both companies that we work for have places down there so we were able to transfer our jobs as soon as we move.

    It definitely is scary because we don't know anyone down there and it's a whole new environment for our jobs but we couldn't be happier with this. We seriously feel like it's the place we are supposed to be! You guys could start looking into options with your jobs, if there are opportunities to transfer or whatnot. the hardest part about moving to a different city is that you do have to have a job before they will give you the funding for the home.

    But it's so worth it. So you should move soon so we can hang out all the time!