Saturday, March 3, 2012

DisneyWorld Day 4: EPCOT

I have to say that I think EPCOT might be one of my favorite parks. I love walking around to all the different countries to see the various cultures. The rides are interesting and it's just enjoyable. But really I just LOVE the countries. You really get to feel like you are traveling around the world. When Derek and I went here on our honeymoon, we rode all the rides first and by the time we got to the countires, it was too dark to take any pictures or really enjoy anything so we decided to do those first this time, after a few other things of course.
So there was our day in EPCOT. Another great thing about EPCOT is that our cousin Allyson works in this particular park so we got to see her throughout the day, which was also fun. I will have to say though, the only thing we haven't done in EPCOT is MissionSpace. The reason for this is I get awful motion sickness and even with the patches that I was using(which totally helped), we weren't sure they'd hold up on that specifc ride. I'm kinda bummed about that because we love riding the rides but that one was just a no-go. Well the next post is about the most magical place of all-THE MAGIC KINGDOM!!!!!!!!!

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