Friday, May 10, 2013

5 Days

We move in 5 days people.

We're excited yet nervous but I'm sure that's normal. I can't wait to be there but I'm not ready to leave here. I'm ready to be on our own but not ready to leave my family. I'm ready to have a house full of space but will surprisingly miss our little bedroom. I'm ready to have lots of people come visit us but it's going to break my heart not to see my mom every day or have my besties just a few blocks away.

I know all these feelings are normal but moving is hard. This is the town where we met, where we fell in love. This is the town where I met my besties. This is where I really grew up and got to know myself. This town is our home.

Now St. George will be our home. We'll make new memories there. New adventures will happen and we'll enjoy every minute of it. Nothing however, will compare to the family and friends we have here. Our lives are changing and we just have to hold onto each other for the ride.

So where does that leave us? With 5 days. 5 days to finish packing. 5 days to keep working. 5 days to make all the final arrangements and have everything ready down there for us. 5 days to spend every possible minute with our friends and family that we can. 5 days to say our goodbyes. 5 days until I cry the whole drive down to our new home.

To everyone we don't get to see before we go, we love you and will miss you.

I know it's not goodbye forever, just goodbye for now.

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